Sunday, January 31, 2010

Using Talents outside of combat

So you’ve just survived a battle with a group of roaming Ithrak along the southern ridge of Shadowrock Pass in Rynell and your GM lets the party know that the end of the scene arrives. This usually means every player gets their Talent and Voss Points back in full. And now your players begin to heal themselves up to full using Healing Touch, creating a whole truck load of alchemical potions using Alchemist’s Fire, and dispelling the magic wards blocking their path, using Counterspell, with no thought to watching their points. This is all fine and good until you realize, as the GM, that there is no rule to govern using talents outside of battle. Do they just keep using their talent points infinitely? Is there some kind of drawback to using talents outside of battle?

Well the answer is no, there isn’t. According the rules, you can use Talent and Voss Points in combat until you run out and then they refresh in full at the end of the scene (usually when the combat is over). Outside of combat, there is nothing to regulate their use. However, if you are like me and like to always present the players with cost/benefit scenarios, then try out this optional rule.

Whenever a player wants to use one of the talent powers or spells outside of combat, let them, provided they can pay the cost. Keep track of this usage. If they run out of Talent or Voss Points, they cannot use their powers or spells again until they rest. For every hour in the game world that their character rests, they gain 1 TP or VP back. This will mean that the players will be forced to watch their expenditure of their TP and VP in between battles, lest they are forced to stop and rest somewhere often. And we all know what happens if you rest too long in short periods of time…random combat encounter. ☺

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Good gaming to all.

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