Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aetheram (A- thir-am)

The aetheram (both singular and plural) are an elemental storm of wind, lightning and steam rolled into a serpentine shape. They possess four great wings of lightning and a cloud-like sail fin upon their backs. Adorning their ephemeral body are bits of engraved stone that cover large sections of their vaporous mass. Seeing one of the aetheram is looking at a statue of a great, winged snake - some twenty feet long – that has broken free of its stony casing and pulses with cyclonic steam inside. Lightning flashes within its eyes and sharpened bits of stone line its reptilian jaws.

The aetheram possess no legs or hands and are not known to ever cease flight. In fact, the only time they grow still is in death. Not much is known about where the aetheram first came from. Some speculate they are one of the mad results of the experiments at the Tower Xanith during the end of the Age of Wonders. Others believe they come from beyond the world’s border, from a realm of constant storms and floating kingdoms. There is also an old proverb that speaks of the aetheram as servants for a being known as the Lord of Aeshir. Whatever the truth, the aetheram are a rare and dangerous site to behold.

When spotted they usually appear near volcanoes, tall mountain peaks, or trapped within the confines of magical wards where they serve as guards. The aetheram are intelligent (judging from their combat tactics and ability to learn from their environment) but if they possess their own language or culture, it has not been uncovered so far.

Alchemists and sorcerers sometimes seek out rumors of slain aetheram, for it is said that when they die they explode, causing the area around them to fall under a scalding shower of superheated steam and electricity. The resulting explosion leaves behind minute crystals that are said to have benefit in creating a dust that allows one to mimic their lightning and steam-based attacks by coating weapons with the fine powder. The crystals have also been combined with certain potions to create tonics allowing the user to fly for short periods as well.

Aetheram……(level 4)
Battle: 11
Damage: 2D6
Evasion: 6 (SR 1)
Resistance: 7 (SR 2)
Health: 42

Passive Powers:
Ethereal: can’t be hit except by spells or magic weapons

Immune: disease, fire and lightning attacks, poison, stun

Active Powers:
Steam Pocket: can unleash a blast of super-heated steam that causes 3D6 damage on up to 3 close targets (Agility (SR 3) halves damage, rounded down)

Wing Shock: can dive down and sweep their wings through a target, causing 1D6+3 lightning damage and stunning them for the next round (Agility (SR 3) halves damage, rounded down, and avoids stun)

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