Friday, February 5, 2010


Well what gaming book wouldn’t be complete without the Errata section? I noticed two small errors in print that I will clarify here:

1. Players that choose to specialize in Battle at character creation should be able to spend 1 VP to add +2 points of damage to a successful Battle attack instead of +1.

2. The Core spell Faerie Dust’s Hit Effect should affect the targets for the entire scene instead of just 1 round; however, the targets are allowed to make a Spirit skill check (or half their Resistance stat for NPCs, rounded down) (SR 2) each round to see if they wake up. No change to the Miss Effect text.

That’s it. Enjoy, and if you still don’t have your copy of Valtyr Chronicles, well then…what are you waiting for…pick it up today and help support my efforts to keep this game alive and strong in the RPG community.

1 comment:

  1. Over powered. I want my necrotic bolt to weaken for the entire scene, now.